Unit 6

Winning the War, Summer ’64-Spring ‘65


15-minute video: Grant’s Overland Campaign [video]

Topics: Grant takes command of Union armies, a strategy of total war, Grant’s Overland Campaign (1864-5), siege of Petersburg, Early’s Raid on Washington DC

Reading: McPherson, pp. 718-750


15-minute video: The Atlanta Campaign, Summer 1864 [video]

Topics: Sherman & Johnston in Georgia, Davis & command in the West, Hood & the battles of Atlanta, the fall of Atlanta, CSA reckoning

Reading: McPherson, 751-773


15-minute video: Forward to Victory: Fall-Winter 1864-5 [video]

Topics: The March to the Sea, Lincoln’s re-election in November 1864, the Appomattox campaign, Lee’s surrender, Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865

Reading:  McPherson, pp. 774-862


Assignment 6: Part 3: How Historians Know What They Know


Topics: Legacies of the war, freedom, politics, rights, US culture & memory


Reading: Foner, pp. 55-81

*Note: We break up each unit into four reading units and one assignment unit.  This allows you to do one unit of work a day.  You should, of course, work on your assignments all week but it does give you a full day to focus on your work.  Always check the schedule for due dates (things can change during the course).  We have also included other source below that are optional

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