Unit 4

High Tide of the Rebellion 1863


15-minute video: Northern Politics, Congressional Elections, & Military Command, Fall 1862 [video]

Topics: Lincoln & the Radicals, Peace Democrats, Lincoln and dissent, Congressional elections, Union command changes, George B. McClellan, Ambrose E. Burnside, William S. Rosecrans, U.S. Grant, Confederate command, Robert E. Lee, Braxton Bragg

Reading: McPherson, pp. 546-567


15-minute video: A Union Quagmire, 1862-63 [video]

Topics: Fredericksburg, Murfreesboro, the Mud March, Burnside & Hooker, Grant’s Vicksburg operations

Reading: McPherson, pp. 568-591


15-minute video: Union Cause in Crisis, 1863 [video]

Topics: Federal conscription (military draft), Copperheads, politics in Midwestern states, Republican Union and Loyal Leagues

Reading: McPherson, pp. 592-625


Assignment 4: Part 2: How Historians Know What They Know


15-minute video: CSA High Tide, July 1863 [video]

Topics: Chancellorsville, Lee’s second invasion of the North, British recognition of CSA on hold, Gettysburg high tide

Reading: McPherson, pp. 626-665


*Note: We break up each unit into four reading units and one assignment unit.  This allows you to do one unit of work a day.  You should, of course, work on your assignments all week but it does give you a full day to focus on your work.  Always check the schedule for due dates (things can change during the course).  We have also included other source below that are optional

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