Unit 3

A War Transformed 1862


15-minute video: The Army of the Potomac, the War in the East, McClellan, Lee & Jackson [video]

Topics: Naval success on the Mississippi, Halleck and the War in the West, McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign, Jackson in the Valley, the Emergence of Robert E. Lee, Union politics of command

Reading: McPherson, pp. 454-490


15-minute video: Politics & Diplomacy, Summer 1862 [video]

Topic: CSA strains, European recognition of CSA, Kentucky, Davis and offensive strategy, invasion of North, Order of American Knights, war weariness

Reading: McPherson, pp. 491-510



15-minute video: A War to End Slavery [video]

Topic: Union defeat of CSA invasion—Antietam, Perryville, Corinth; Emancipation Proclamation, US draft, changing war aims, failure of CSA recognition

Reading: McPherson, pp. 511-545

Thursday & Friday:


Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect, Union soldiers’ reaction, CSA reaction, black recruitment, fight for universal freedom

Reading: Foner, pp. xi-xvi, 1-15

Ken Burns Episode 4: Simply Murder


Assignment 3: Project Proposal

*Note: We break up each unit into four reading units and one assignment unit.  This allows you to do one unit of work a day.  You should, of course, work on your assignments all week but it does give you a full day to focus on your work.  Always check the schedule for due dates (things can change during the course).  We have also included other source below that are optional


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