Unit 1

Coming of the Civil War 1850-60


Introductory [Video]

Topics: Course themes, objectives, significance of the war, importance of studying the war.

Reading: McPherson, pp. 3-5


15-minute video: Sectional Conflict Explodes [video]

Topics: Interpreting the Civil War, Timelines, transcontinental railroad, slavery, the West, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Stephen Douglas, Franklin Pierce, Anthony Burns, George Fitzhugh, Democratic Party Republican Party, Know Nothings

Reading: McPherson, pp. 6-78


15-minute video: Bleeding Kansas [video]

Topics: Popular sovereignty, Free Soilers, Border Ruffians, John Brown, Charles Sumner, Republican Party, Election of 1856, James Buchanan, John C. Fremont, Dred Scott, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Irrepressible Conflict & King Cotton

Reading: McPherson, pp. 79-169


Assignment 1: Introductions

Start thinking about Assignment 3: Project Proposal


15-minute video: John Brown, the Election of 1860 & Secession [video]

Topics: John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry, abolitionists, the Secret Six, Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckenridge, Abraham Lincoln, the Chicago Platform, secession, Ft. Sumter

Reading: McPherson, pp. 170-233


*Note: We break up each unit into four reading units and one assignment unit.  This allows you to do one unit of work a day.  You should, of course, work on your assignments all week but it does give you a full day to focus on your work.  Always check the schedule for due dates (things can change during the course).  We have also included other source below that are optional

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