Summer Session 2018

5/13/2019 – 6/27/2019The 7 week course is broken into 7 interlinked units.  While you can work ahead (never get behind), you are encouraged to stay on schedule with your fellow students.  If you have any questions about the schedule, units or assignments, (or know you have a time conflict) contact your instructors.

Week 1: (5/13) National Growth and Sectional Conflict (Unit 1)

Michigan Answers the Call to Arms
Michigan Answers the Call to Arms — Michigan Historical Center

Week 2: (5/20) To War (Unit 2)

Week 3: (5/27) Amateurs at War (Unit 3)

Week 4: (6/3) Slaves, Lincoln, and the Cause of Freedom (Unit 4)

Week 5: (6/10) Turning Points and War Weariness (Unit 5)

Week 6: (6/17) Total War, Total Victory, Total Defeat (Unit 6)

Week 7: (6/24-6/27) Reconstruction (Unit 7)

NOTE: all projects must be submitted by Midnight of the due date (the truth be told we will not evaluate the assignment until the next day so for night owls and those in other time zones, the absolute submission time is 5 AM EST on the day immediately following the due date).  See Policies & Requirements page for late submission policies.