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  • In my opinion, Beall shouldn’t charge as a spy. But he may be executed as treason or wanted to start the flames of war.

    Most of the evidences provided by the witnesses, and from Beall’s memoir:

    Beall and […]

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    Literature can be effected a lot by different cultures. So how literature manipulate our sympathies and perception of actual history and the struggle to freedom can ben analized with the culture which relevant. And I realize you discovered the reasearchi in North and South parts. It could be really interested to see how different they were and…[Read more]

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    In my common sense about the impact of the wars, especailly the Civial War, no matter the infrastructural damage or the national debt, the ripple effects for the economy was obviously. Economy reconstruction could also be an important issue faced by the country. But actually, destruction is alwasy accompany with reborn. Big changes can also bring…[Read more]

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    From the development of the US NAVY, the technology had huge impact on the war. Ironclads should be one of the most important improvement that built on the ship. It can be clearly recognized since both Britain and France had experimented before US NAVY actually developed it. During the civil war, we put more attention on the policy, army, and…[Read more]

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    From the reading, it is interesting to know what most of the offenses were foot soldiers because they had tougher life. There were series of punishments for them only when their action overshadow the need of the union, which means those minor mistakes could be excused since they were not that important.

  • Thesis:

    The Civil War significantly affected the lives of American. Men power was always the most important part in a war. But women provided their contributions as well. Some of them disguised themselves as […]

  • It’s a good point to analysis the battle from both sides if we have enough details. And it’s great to follow the generals footsteps on the primary maps. The primary maps are more clear about the direction of all the bettle field and landscape. Also, if we can find a useful secondary map which match the battle described in the report. It would be a…[Read more]

  • I agree with you for most of the opions. Different map makers marked too much informations on their own maps. But actually, too many informations get from the maps is not help to study one report, one battle. Most of the informtion on the maps was marked from the first perspective. And it will confused us when we compared all the things we have as…[Read more]

  • It’s lucky to find a report which can be easier followed on maps. But I think the scale and legend could be a problem for almost every map we use to study the reports. Also, combined with the journals and letters written by troops is a great idea to help recreat the details of a battle. Getting more imformation and matching them with the reports…[Read more]

  • I agree with you that recreating and mapping the events is a great challenge. As different people writing reports and making maps, it does hardly to match all the informations for historians . I believe different map makers would mark more information about the battlefield landscapes of the battles they involved. Which may not be a helpful tool to…[Read more]

  • I choose to follow Maj. Gen John A, McClernand, U.S. Army, commanding First Division. By contrasting the information I got from McClernand’s report into primary and secondary maps. I found it’s really dif […]

    • The lack of a compass rose and the variation between which direction each map was drawn really threw me when I was first comparing them. I’m glad there was such a landmark as the Tennessee River because for a few of them, that was the only way I could tell where everything was.

    • I agree with you that compass rose plays a very important role in making comparison between two maps. At the same time, landmarks are necessary tools to analyze maps. When I read different maps, distinguishing directions and landmarks are the first job that I need to do.

    • Hi Yiling!

      I find it really interesting that you found the primary maps easier to follow! I, for one, did not think about the compass or about the scale. I usually assume “up” is North and then corresponding for East, West, and South. Those are interesting points though and because the primary map is more dated demonstrates how these were things that were of more value for tracking the positions back in the day.

  • For my project, I want to make more research on the women and children in the war. Women and young children are always on the receiving end of wars. They suffering in separate with their husbands, fathers, or […]

  • I totally agree with you. Slaves were not only existing in the US, but also internationaly existing in that time. And I believe all the slaves had the same problems. They were poor, lacked of education, might be lack of family. Also the relationship between slaves and slave owners could be band and resentful.

  • During the civil war, Slavery in the South part of America had become critical by publishing Civil Law. As the growth of the agriculture, slavery played an important role which helped the economy significantly increasing the profit and output. Most of the slaves had a hard time, but the situation could be varied. Even though it was the foundation…[Read more]

  • In some sense, it is understandable that some owners treated them relatively nice, but they are still at the lower class in the society which lacked of freedom. Most of people stayed in the same spot for their entire lives which might be caused by the death of those escaping slaves. It was really common that an escaping slave got caught again by…[Read more]

  • I believed as you said in the post, slaves were no social status at that time and no legal rights made them controled by their masters completely. About their thoughts of wihte, they might be angry but dare not speak up. But for that situation in the slavery time, I thought majority of slaves were resigned. They worked hard and obeied their…[Read more]

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  • Slavery is the condition where the property law principles are applied to human beings whereby human beings are allowed to trade with their fellow human beings in exchange for money or any other valuables. The […]

    • With study of slavery history, it seems that we can find a part of answer to the race issue in the United States. To some extent, it is because how did white people treat black slaves that made discrimination happen between white people and black people. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn slavery history in order to better understand American history and understand black people.

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