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    Personal diaries like the one you are working with are always interesting and filled with valuable information. I’m looking for one of these myself to help with my research. Good luck with your project.
    Zach Wood

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    In my research I have read muster rolls and other documents that list casualties and there were more that died because of dysentery, and typhoid instead of being wounded in battle. I look forward to seeing how you complete your work. Zach Wood

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    I am really intrigued by your research topic I haven’t thought of how the letters soldiers received could influence them in some of these ways. I look forward to reading your work later on. Zach Wood

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    So far you have done great research into your topic and I am interested to see what you do further on, I am also interested to see what evidence you have to support your thesis. Zach Wood

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    Initially for my project I was going to follow Wallace W. Wood who enlisted in the union army in Michigan in 1861 but while researching it further I found he was discharged later that year in Baltimore and there […]

    • Fred replied 5 months ago

      During this time of learning about the Civil War, I’ve been fascinated by the organization of the Union army. I previously only thought about the war happening in the south and never really paid attention to the northern states even though they were obviously fighting in the war. I’m curious to learn more about the logistics necessary to move a regiment from Michigan all the way down to Baton Rouge.

    • This will be interesting to see unfold, because in my many of the letters I read the soldiers are complaining about the amount of marching they do each day.

    • I believe your new subject will provide you with much more information and potential for research. It will be interesting to learn about a regiment that is native to Michigan.

    • That’s pretty inconvenient that your original topic source was discharged but great that it did lead you to discovering your new topic which seems to be quite promising. I feel like these battles could lead in a lot of directions with a lot of quality information to discover to base your final project on.

    • I am very interested to see your findings from your Thesis on the Michigan regiment. I am very interested to see read where this regiment went and how they were used in the civil war. I am also very intrigued by the amount of data you got on this particular regiment.

    • I think its really great that you have decided to choose something close to our home. Excited to see how this research unfolds. I like this new idea.

    • I think this’ll be a really interesting topic to study. I’m doing sort of a similar thing for mine, where I’ll follow the letters and diary of a Michigan soldier. After his letters, though, there aren’t many documents about him, so I’ll be following the documents of the regiment that he fought with. It seems like you got a lot of quality information about this regiment, too.

    • That is a really good idea originally of tracking one soldier through war. Even though that tracking your one person didn’t work out I like how you transitioned to the unit overall. I believe not limiting your tracking to one person will give you a much fuller picture. Also, it would be interesting to know if your soldiers that your tracked that were KIA ever had the honor to be brought home to their families.

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    For this assignment I could not find volume ten but I found volume ten part 2 and followed three commanders, Colonel Taylor 5th cavalry Ohio, Capt. Emil Munch of a Minnesota battery, and Capt. Stone of another […]

  • For my final project I will be focusing on an individual. When I was doing research for this assignment I found a muster roll for the sixth infantry of company K on the special collections […]

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    Hey Jake,
    I can definitely relate to feeling misled about information we received before taking this course, much of the information that is presented in mass is either wrong or is presented with one narrative they want presented to convince people their idea is right.

  • Hey Noah,
    I agree with your statements in your summary about how slavery is viewed today as a north-south conflict rather than to be looked upon as something more.

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    Hey Rebecca,
    I enjoyed reading your summary of the assignment, I felt the same way on certain topics as i was completing the assignment. I especially agree with how you felt about Bibbs account, it was very well written and had no spelling errors that were significant and this led me to believe that he dictated his story to someone who wrote it…[Read more]

  • Hey Patrick,
    I agree with much of your summary. I also found it disturbing to read certain parts of the interviews and parts of Bibbs account. I especially agree with how ill prepared things were when the slaves were freed, it was a tragic event.

  • 1A.

    Slavery was most prominent in the southern states later but also existed in the north in the early days of the US.

    This was not changed from the narrative

    They tended to work on plantations […]

    • Zach, I completely agree with your summary. Before Abbots story, I have only heard one side of the stories pertaining to slavery. After his story i was able to finally see both views and recognize the difference in certain slave owners.

    • I also found it interesting how drastic a slaves experience could be. It was really interesting reading about how one slave liked and even missed his owner when they went to fight in the war. Also, it was interesting to also read how some slaves despised/ hated their owners and only wanted to be free.

    • When we’re first taught about slavery in elementary school, most of the stories we here are from slaves who hated their predicament and yearned for freedom. We don’t really hear a lot about slaves who were content with their situation and were treated well. I think my reaction was the same as yours when I read the narrative of a slave who loved his master and enjoyed the protection he received. I always thought that everybody was against slavery, and there wasn’t a single slave that supported it. Apparently there were some that didn’t want to be free, and would much rather live on the plantation. It was the only world they’d ever known.

    • As I went into depth about what I thought slavery was like in the twelve topics we had to cover, I thought after reading about Henry Bibb’s experience as a slave helped me gain information I was not aware of before. Learning about the different perspectives that others have on slavery has been interesting to compare to my findings as well.

    • Hey Zachary,

      I also found it very beneficial with the way this assignment was structured when gaining the information to formulate our ideas and learn from the narrative basis of even slaves them selves. On top of that, comparing them to one another and noticing the differences that many slaves had during their experiences and time as slaves was very eye opening for me as it seemed to be for you too. One thing I did tend to notice in my own conclusions, is that do you think time period played a role in how slavery was perceived from each person? Mostly exemplifying individuals who were born into the late stages of slavery vs the ones who had to live a whole life time of it like Bibb? From the narratives I read it seemed as if most born into slavery slaves that were interviewed experienced it from a much younger age (children-early 20’s) than the typical full life span slave. Just an aspect I thought about and wonder what conclusions you drew from it?


    • I agree with the point you made about slave’s views of white people greatly depended on their owner and personal experiences. I think it is important to note that not all slaves were treated poorly, and that treatment sometimes depended on attitude. I do think that there is a lack of comparison between your narrative and Henry Bib though. It seems as though Bibb did not have a good experience with slavery and that there would be some good contrasting experiences between him and your narrative.

    • It’s interesting because when we first get taught about slavery, we learn about all the bad experiences from slaves. Some slaves were treated much better because of who their masters were and what their relationship with them was like. Even though they were not free, some slaves were much better off than others.

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    My name is Zachary Wood and I’m a senior at the university. My major is History and I focus on ancient history particularly Ancient Rome and a little bit on Greece. This era has always fascinated me and I h […]

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