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  • Welcome to HST 304, The American Civil War!

    The American Civil War stands out as the greatest crisis the Republic faced in its history after 1788, when the Constitution was ratified. The war was fought between […]

    • Hello my name is Jacob Diss! I’m a senior and from Traverse City, Michigan. I am very interested and excited to learn about the Civil War. The only previous exposure I’ve had to the subject was a U.S. History course I took at my local community college. I’ve always had a large interest in World War II documentaries but haven’t learned much about the Civil War. I think one of the factors that will make the Civil War more interesting to learn about is the fact that the documentation and artifacts are much more limited than those of World War I or II due to the increased technology after the Civil War. I’ll be interested to study the types of communication used by both sides of the war.

      My major is physical sciences. My favorite subjects to study are physics and engineering. After graduation I would like to work in the car or manufacturing industry. In my spare time, I work on cars, play IM volleyball, and watch the NHL. I look forward to conversing with many of you folks.

    • Hello, my name is Thomas; I am a finance major. I am taking this class as a requirement to graduate, but I am still interested in the civil war and history in general. I personally prefer to study American history because it is more relatable. I also like to learn history because I believe in the thought that history repeats itself. Overall, I am looking forward to taking this course because I want to learn something I did not know before starting this course.

    • Hello, my name is Fred. I’m preparing to start graduate school for secondary education this fall and need a few extra undergrad credits for my master’s degree. I earned a bachelor’s degree in economics so I’m excited to grow my history knowledge and specifically about the American Civil War. I coach high school baseball and enjoy working with teenagers everyday so overtime, my interest to become a high school teacher grew more and more. I specifically chose this class because I know it is a very important piece of our country’s history and is taught in every single history class every year. I’m interested to learn more about how the Civil War came about and what the underlying themes were regarding the war during this time. I’ve traveled throughout the country and have seen many memorials, battlefields and museums that offered a great understanding of what the war was all about. I’m interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on the war and how you all may perceive what was happening in those days. I’m looking forward to it!

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