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  • This is really an awesome topic to choose, and I am almost jealous I didn’t think to do it. In studying war, especially in North American history, disease always tends to be the deadliest of killers. And the medical practices of the time were rather brutal and merciless.

  • It will be intriguing to see the topics you delve into deeper. I can sense slight differences in motivations and identities whilst reading many of the civil war letters and diaries.

  • It will be really interesting to see the evidence you use to back up your thesis, with it being such a bold statement. He was an expert at giving oral presentations; its intriguing to see their direct affect in the momentum of the war.

  • This will be interesting to see unfold, because in my many of the letters I read the soldiers are complaining about the amount of marching they do each day.

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    Upon doing further research, my original idea for this project has changed quite a bit. As opposed to viewing two individual families, I will be reviewing a series of letters from various […]

    • I am really intrigued by your research topic I haven’t thought of how the letters soldiers received could influence them in some of these ways. I look forward to reading your work later on. Zach Wood

    • It’s a great idea because letters provided communication with families and gave soldiers some type of escape from the war.

    • I’ve always been interested in the thoughts and feelings of soldiers during wars. I seem to ask myself how invested were they really and did they even want to continue to fight as the war went on? Learning the thoughts of our military, especially in this time period, would be fascinating to learn about.

    • your thesis is an interesting approach to this project. It explores a aspect of the war that is not usually covered. There is no better way to get into the mind of someone who fought in the Civil War then to read the words they thought were important enough to write down.

    • This topic on letters and personal writings of soldiers I think could be very interesting, giving you a first hand perspective through the words of the soldiers and people around/effected by the Civil War. This could possibly show their opinions on the war an how they have changed from start to finish, along with personal conflictions and their person lives. Being there can be so much information available like you said, this could take your final project into some cool atmospheres and places.

    • I am very intrigued by your thesis statement and like the idea of diving into soliders outside life beyond the war. I am very excited to read your findings on Davis and Meads papers. I am looking forward to readings your finding on how their loved ones were effected with there loved ones lifes on the line.

    • This could be a really cool project. Most of the time when we think about wars, we focus on how the soldiers felt about the entire situation. Usually, the opinions of civilians fall by the wayside. It’ll be interesting to see how some citizens viewed the war at the time.

    • I think you have a great idea to use letters for your final project and branching out from just the two will in my opinion allow you to get a much more informative picture of truly what was going on because limiting your information to a small number of sources can be one sided. Personally, I would be really interested to know the frequency that soldiers could get letters when fighting this war.

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    The secondary sources definitely help in tracking the route traveled. It is almost as if scholars have taken a jab at this before, and done a much finer job than me. My report also included friendly fire, however, going against what the previous comment says, I do not find it surprising at all that friendly fire was common. With gunfire and canon…[Read more]

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    I am jealous that your report did a fine job of listing obstacles in their route. My particular individual ignored all of that and instead ragged on his generals for making premature decisions. The rest of the time he was writing about malnourished soldiers. The read was very interesting and eerie, however he was not the correct choice for this assignment.

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    The maps were the most difficult part for me too. It made it difficult because no to maps were the same, and some were not even color coated. However, depending on the report one reads, only some maps are actually usable. And it is interesting to see the human error in Wallace’s mistake. The soldier I looked at was caught in vicious friendly fire…[Read more]

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    I had similar issues in the report that I read, in that the location and the route in which they traveled were not the main focus. Instead the focus was more oriented around the absolute calamity of the war, and the undernourishment of the soldiers. I don’t see why they couldn’t take better notes. Canon ball, shmanon ball, right?

  • On April 12, 1862 Col. Alfred Mouton of the Eighteenth Louisiana Infantry wrote his report of the battle of Shiloh. Although Mouton’s writing was very descriptive in describing the calamity of war, the route in w […]

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    Is anyone else having trouble with this step??

    Go to the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion online. I recommend using the Cornell University “Making of America” version at  […]

    • Go to Browse up above, then Browse Civil War Documents, then 2. Browse the War of the Rebellion

    • Go to Browse up above, then Browse Civil War Documents, then 2. Browse the War of the Rebellion

  • I enjoy how you began your response to number one. The north often times gets the label as being slave free, when it indeed was not until 1804 that the northern states banned the practice. The southern states, unlike the industrial north, were stuck in a difficult economic crisis because of their reliance on slavery. When Lincoln was elected he…[Read more]

  • Education to a slave was viewed as ammunition for a revolt. Slave masters were in a constant state of paranoia with the possibility of it occurring. This often lea=d to harsher punishment out of insecurity.

  • I am glad to see that you read Cameron’s account, as well. It was as if I could not believe what I was reading. However, it provides insight into the different forms of slave owners and their values.

  • Their view towards whites was for the most part very hostile. In the case of John Cameron he actually adored his master, and felt that he was living the good life. It was really gut-wrenching to read, considering this enslaved man had no concept of what freedom was. If you have seen the movie Get Out, it reminded me of gardener character. Very eerie.

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    Region of the US- Although slavery was initially a nationwide practice, southern states relied almost solely on slavery to fuel their economy. This was my initial thought


    Place s […]

  • I would like to focus this assignment around the diaries and papers written during the civil war. In doing this I will use the various sources that were provided to us through the course website. These […]

  • Hello, fellow Spartans. My name is Matt Stopper and I am a senior from Philadelphia, PA. I am a history major, and in my time at MSU I have focused most heavily on US women’s history, with a major interest in the Revolutionary and Civil War eras. These eras are rather intriguing to me because this history is very recent, in the grand scheme of w…[Read more]

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