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  • What I have learned about Andrew F. Davis’s diary since assignment three is he was of Liberty, Union County, Indiana, enlisted in Company I, 15th Regiment, Indiana volunteers on May 14, 1861. Davis was c […]

    • This is a good topic to write about because, your only ever hear about their efforts in the battles. Soldiers spent plenty of time at camp and traveling so it will be nice to see more about their daily lives.

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    I also thought the arrows were helpful in the map and to help me better understand what actually was going on. I think its great that you found some many details but I’m sure there are so many that don’t make the cut because of the amount of time and place they were documenting this.

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    I thought it was difficult to understand the maps and especially with the ones that weren’t color coded. Overall though I find it interesting reading everyone’s work and seeing the different details everyone has found.

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    It’s interesting to see how detailed Wallace was when it came to his ventures and what things were like from his perspective. I think using the maps is pretty cool because you are able to read details that wouldn’t be there if it were for the individuals who took the time to write everything down. It’s sad to find out that so many lives were lost…[Read more]

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    I thought this assignment was challenging as well because you have to go into depth with mapping out what was going on during the war. I also wondered who could have possibly had the time to document everything during the war, however, thankfully someone did. The lines in the maps were also difficult for me to read because I’m not familiar with…[Read more]

  • For my project I chose Civil War solider, Andrew F. Davis, diary from 1861-1862.

    I had read several diaries from other solider’s and they all had similar topics they discussed. For example, they would talk about […]

  • I feel that you have a very in depth understanding of slavery and how slave culture was during that time. It’s interesting to see everyones perspectives and how they grasp the concept and I think it’s something that we all have learned throughout our education, however, not everyone has a full understanding of the actual time of slavery.

  • Reading about Henry Bibb after giving my own perspective on what I thought slavery was like was extremely helpful. I think that that doing research helped understand slavery better and what Henry Bibb being a slave.

  • I watched the movie “12 Year’s a Slave” as well and that was first real image of slavery as well. Also reading more about Bibb’s experience and that life he lived as a slave was eye opening on learning about slavery.

  • As I went into depth about what I thought slavery was like in the twelve topics we had to cover, I thought after reading about Henry Bibb’s experience as a slave helped me gain information I was not aware of before. Learning about the different perspectives that others have on slavery has been interesting to compare to my findings as well.

  • Region of the US

    During slavery I feel as though there was a lot of it down south in rural areas. Mostly plantations and farms in the south region of the US.

    Place slaves lived and worked […]

    • I was surprised slaves weren’t educated at all. I thought they would have learned to read and write at the very least simply to help them with their work throughout the day. This makes me wonder how complex the operations were in terms of handling slaves and producing goods to make the most money. I would be very interested to learn about the organization of slave owners especially because the goods slaves produced were a huge part of our country’s economy.

    • I recommend showing how your views have changed based on the account of Henry Bibb. Also going through secondary sources of interviews conducted on former slaves to figure out how the two sources relate.

    • Their view towards whites was for the most part very hostile. In the case of John Cameron he actually adored his master, and felt that he was living the good life. It was really gut-wrenching to read, considering this enslaved man had no concept of what freedom was. If you have seen the movie Get Out, it reminded me of gardener character. Very eerie.

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