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    Hi Fred,

    This is a great idea! If you have time in your paper, it might be interesting to compare how we treat the American military today versus the public response to them back then. You could also talk about the origins of Memorial Day if you would like to.

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    Hi Thomas,

    I like this topic! It is a really interesting way of studying Antietam without just stating the facts. One thing that might be interesting to think about if you have space in your essay is the response to that photograph. That information will definitely be harder to track down than it would be to find similar information today since…[Read more]

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    Hi Noah,

    This is a cool topic! I can tell you have a lot of interesting things to discuss here, but another interesting angle might be mass produced parts and ammunition. In one first hand account that I read, the Union soldier from 22 Michigan was saying that the ammunition delivery was late, so he was originally instructed to just carry a…[Read more]

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    Hi Jared,

    This is a very interesting topic! It definitely looks like you have a ton of research here and I doubt that you need more to write a full essay, but if you find yourself looking for content, it might be interesting to compare medical care on the front against medical care in prison camps. I am discussing prison camps in my essay and…[Read more]

  • In the last few weeks since I submitted Assignment 3, a thesis for my final assignment has come to form. As I began researching further into Michigan’s Twenty-Second infantry, I found some primary sources, m […]

  • Hi Megan,

    It is interesting to me that you say LT Laing mentions a log cabin. This was not mentioned in the records I read and I had pictured it as a remote area based on what I had read. I remember seeing a hospital on the map, but I had assumed it was a war hospital, not an established building. I am constantly remembering how wrong…[Read more]

  • Hey Brady,

    I am intrigued by your comment about the intricacies of battle and how they are all put together. A moment that struck me was in the animated map of the hornets nest when Union soldiers are shown fleeing. I am sure that some men fled and got out, but how did they figure out where the gap was that men fled out of? I cannot believe…[Read more]

  • Hey Krista,

    Something I thought of when reading your account was how much geography changes in 200 years. You mention that Hovey moved through fields with his troops, I wonder if that field is still a field or if it is a forest today. Is it difficult as historian to find where Hovey was in the real world because the topography has changed or is…[Read more]

  • Hi Jared,

    It sounds like the account you read gave much more specific details on the terrain he was surrounded by. The account I read mentions being next to a fence and his relationship to the people he was near, but the problem with that is a fence is man-made and non-permanent as well as not marked on any map and it can’t be guaranteed that…[Read more]

  • I have decided to examine the experiences of Col James M. Tuttle of the Second Iowa Infantry, Commanding Second Divison of the First Brigade in the Battle of Shiloh. His brigade consisted of the Second, Seventh, […]

    • I’d agree with your assessment, that certain commanders’ reports might have been written with the intent to be self aggrandizing. However, when writing to a superior officer and eager to keep your command it seems only natural to downplay the severity of events. While it makes things harder, it’s not really unique in that case. Primary sources are often biased, they are not intended to be otherwise in most cases.

  • As a kid, I was always told that the graveyard in my hometown, Commerce Township, Michigan housed Civil War veterans. I am not so sure that at the time I was convinced, but as it turns out, according to a […]

  • Hey Fred,

    I was interested in your comment at the end that slaves were trained in many different tasks including carpentry, cooking, building structures, planting, harvesting, and butchering. I had always imagined slaves as working in fields and other agricultural work and these other tasks were new information for me as well. In an account I…[Read more]

  • Hey Jack,

    I completely agree that I learned more from this assignment than I have in any other assignment in a history class. I think it is because the last history class I took was when I was in high school and in those classes, you are reading a secondary source. It is someone else’s understanding of a first hand account, but reading the…[Read more]

  • Hey Jake,

    I had a similar concluding statement to my assignment in that I also found that slaves did not all hate their masters. I felt like at the end of writing I was making it sound like slavery was not all bad, when it was. Something I have been thinking about since then is that maybe the point is not that slavery was either “good” or “bad”…[Read more]

  • Hey Jared,

    I definitely think it is interesting that you had read Bibb’s piece before. I’m sure you already had a strong understanding of what slave life was like based on the fact that you had seen this material before, but it is interesting to see the differences between how you interpreted the same piece a few years ago. It makes me wonder…[Read more]

  • Pre-Research Understanding:

    Region of the US: It is my understanding that the Region of the US that slavery was most prominent was the south with the conditions worsening the further south one traveled. […]

    • Hey Rebecca,
      I enjoyed reading your summary of the assignment, I felt the same way on certain topics as i was completing the assignment. I especially agree with how you felt about Bibbs account, it was very well written and had no spelling errors that were significant and this led me to believe that he dictated his story to someone who wrote it for him. I also can see where you believe how some things were exaggerated for dramatic effect to sway people against slavery.

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