Hi, my name is Antonia. I have just graduated from Michigan State a couple weeks ago with a degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. Originally, I had planned to go to law school, but instead I have decided to go into secondary education. I would love to teach classes on social studies and english. I am taking this course as a prerequisite for my graduate school program at Oakland University starting in the fall. Often during my undergraduate classes, students would bring up Abraham Lincoln and debate whether or not he was the greatest president America has ever had. Before taking HST 202 last semester, I knew pretty much knew nothing about President Lincoln and found that there was so much more to learn about the civil war, like reconstruction, which was only briefly covered at the end of HST 202. I find history and periods like during the civil war so interesting because I like to learn the mindsets of people living at the time and discover where and how certain customs and traditions developed.

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  1. Hi Antonia- Congratulations!! What an accomplishment!! I am sure that you understand the importance of your degree. I am interested in what you think about what is going on within our country right now. I have found that a fresh pair of eyes and ears can be quite informative as well as creative. Sometimes the politics loses site of the end goal, which is what is best for the people. If you do not feel comfortable replying to this post, please feel free to email me within MSU D2L.

    We have something else in common which is teaching. I currently work for an organization that I have had to educate others, and my initial college was the college of education. I know have a passion for the human behavior therefore I was accepted to a different college within MSU that is also not related to obtaining a degree in history. I am a Junior at MSU but a like kindergartner in history. I like you want to understand how certain customs and traditions developed which will enhance diversity within our lives.

    1. Hi Lisa, I really enjoyed your thoughts on assignment 2. Especially the information about your grandfather. All those stories he shared with you are such a treasure. Just curious, what years did he spend as a child working on a plantation? 1930’s? Thank you for sharing with the class and I hope you will continue to do so.

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