Final Project

Essay Project

Now it is time to do the final project. For this you have several options; you can do a traditional analytical essay about your object.  One key is to place the object within the local context and the larger context of the war.  The other key will be to pay attention to the comments from your instructors (as well as exploring what others are doing).
A good guide to writing the essay can be found with both the Rubric at the end of this page and the PDF Writing Guide (
You can find quality digital research resources at
Be aware that the Civil War is a very popular online topic. You will find a great deal of information online that is incomplete or incorrect.
To avoid errors, use trusted sites such as the MSU Library digital collections (awesome digital newspaper, pamphlet, journal, and book collections), the Library of Congress, the National Archives, official state archives, university libraries and archives nationally, and private organizations like the Civil War Trust, the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History, etc.

Multimodal Project

In addition to a traditional analytical essay, you can take this opportunity (since we are in an online environment) to do a more media heavy and creative approach to exploring your object and its history.  We often call a multimedia essay, a multimodal essay.  To do so you can use any number of online publishing platforms (among others):
If you want to do this option, it would be a good idea to discuss (email, chat, call, stop in) your idea with your instructors.  The end rubric will still apply but you can be creative in how you do your citations.

Guidelines for Final Project

1. Completed and posted D2L on time (Thursday, June 27)
2. Clearly stated thesis in introduction.
3. Thesis logical given the evidence presented in paper.
4. Included a discussion of the secondary literature (historiography).
5. Have appropriate supporting evidence.
6. Properly quoted and cited sources.
7. Carefully edited my paper to eliminate common grammatical problems: spelling, word
choice, word usage, verb tense; and have minimized other stylistic issues such passive voice.
8. 2500-5000 words  (2000 words if doing multimodal approach)
9. Don’t forget list of works cited at the end.
10. Assignment is graded on a point scale [maximum points=50]