Assignment 5

You have been working on your final project.  In assignment 3, we asked you to find a Civil War object and then you did the following tasks

1) all the things we “think” we know about the object,
2) what we need to find out,
3) possible research paths or sources.
4)  state a tentative topic/focus for your final project.

In assignment 5, we want you to take the next steps on your way to the final project by doing the following tasks

1) What did you find out about your object.  Explain using detail and sources and highlight at least 3 key findings (you can have more).
2) Make a list of sources found, tag as primary or secondary sources, and write a sentence or two about each source explaining why it is important to your project.
3) Write a tentative thesis for your project.
For your final project, you will have some options in terms of format.  You can write a traditional paper or you can do a more multimedia work using WordPress, Tumblr, Prezi, Omeka, and others.  This may affect how you think about your project and its structure.

Important — This assignment has 2 parts — Part 1 to post your work and Part 2 to explore what others are doing.  Don’t hesitate to look at all the projects in the class and talk to each other about research and sources.

Guidelines for Assignment 5

1) Post in D2L  by June 13
2) Minimum 550 words about what you have found (maximum 5000).
3) Highlight (bold or underline or list) at least three key findings.
4) List a minimum of 8 sources; identify them as primary or secondary; and write at least one sentence about each source, explaining importance to your project.
5) Include a thesis statement.
7) Comment on 4 of your colleagues’ posts by Sunday, June 16.
8) Assignment is graded on a point scale [maximum points=15]

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