Assignment 1


Write a paragraph or two that introduces you to your instructors and classmates.  Explain your interest in the U.S. Civil War, your interests as a scholar (your major), and anything else interesting about you that you would like to share. The Civil War is a very popular subject in the U.S. You will find that your classmates will share your enthusiasm for the topic, so use this opportunity to make online friends.

Write your introduction in your course google doc and then copy & paste it into the class blog.  This is easy to do.  Once you have logged in, you will see a “+New” link in the top left of the site.  When you mouse over, a menu will drop down and go to “Post” and then post your blog entry.  As we get started it is also a good idea to visit and read carefully the course policies and requirements page.  This explains how we will be using google docs, the course web site, and grading among other things.

Old Civil War Veterans
Gettysburg Veterans making friends

While we are on grading, we have two kinds of assignments in the course: ungraded and graded assignments (Check the policies & requirements page for full explanation).  This is an ungraded assignment (which does not mean it is not very important to do: see policies & requirements page).  You will receive a complete or incomplete.  As is the case with all assignments for the course, there will be a rubric that explains how the assignment will be evaluated.

Rubric for Assignment 1

  1. Completed on time (always check schedule to due dates)
  2. One to two paragraphs (minimum 175 words)
  3. Posted in your google doc
  4. Posted on the course Blog
  5. Make friends with at least 4 people in the class (not in real life but friend them on the site).
  6. Fill out your profile (you only need to share what information you want to share).
  7. Assignment is graded on a point scale [maximum points=5].

Now that you have completed your first assignment, check the blog after the due date and read about your classmates and instructors.  Don’t forget to read the policies & requirements page carefully. Okay, we know we are being repetitive, but in an online course, it is easy to skip important information at the beginning that can make things more difficult later on.

We want you to have a great experience in this course.  So don’t be afraid to ask questions, talk to each other, form groups, make friends, share information, and always contact your instructors is you have any concerns or questions or tech problems.