Assignment Five

  1. Secondary Source

The Civil War Trust website is helpful because it gives a solid background into Custer’s military endeavours during and after the Civil War, and is a good starting point for further looking into his involvement in the war.

2.) Primary source

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the most pivotal of the war, and this map illustrates Custer’s cavalry movements during this time. Custer and his men played an important role in defeating the Confederates and protecting the Union rear.

3.) Primary source,-0.135,1.014,0.46,0

This map is useful because Custer was travelling with McClellan’s men during this time, and this map shows the route that they took through the peninsula. By having this information, Custer’s movements can be tracked via this map, and others, from this time. Also, knowing he is involved with McClellan during this time aids in looking for mentions of Custer during this time, because McClellan’s reports can be the focus.

4.) Secondary Source

While this source discusses Custer more so after the Civil War, it gives some insight into his life and explains that he always had a large number of dogs, and they they accompanied him in battle, on moves, and until he died.

5.)Primary Source

Custer had a hand in the Confederacy surrendering in the Spring of 1865, and this drawing depicts him receiving the flag of truce before Lee officially surrendered to the Union. This also indicates the Custer won perhaps the final battle of the war.

6.) Secondary Source

This source gives some insight into the Battle of Appomattox, which is one of the final skirmishes of the war. The information contained here supports the previous source of Custer receiving the truce flag from the Confederates and gives some background into what led up to the surrender.

7.) Secondary Source

The details of the cavalry battle at Gettysburg contained here are useful in further tracking Custer’s involvement in the war. He also played an important role in holding off the Confederates, and this gives more detail about the battle, and also enhances the information contained on one of the maps above.

8.) Secondary Source

This book details the life of George Custer and is helpful in determining elements about his home life, but also his excursions during the war years. Overall, it is a good source of information about who he was as a whole.


Key Findings

  • Custer’s involvement in the Battle of Appomattox was instrumental in receiving the truce flag and in Lee ultimately surrendering, ending the war.
  • Custer was also involved in the fighting at Gettysburg, and the role he played was crucial in handing the Confederates and defeat, and also making sure that the Union rear was protected.
  • Custer lived a colorful life, and while he was young, played countless important roles in the Civil War, and the war in the West following that. Some may have thought he was unfit for the roles that he was placed in, but Custer was one of the most important General’s to live during this time.


Thesis: George Custer was one of the most important Generals involved in the Civil War due to his contributions to the Peninsula Campaign, Gettysburg, and Appomattox, but he also added a very human element to this time as well by being an avid dog lover.

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