Assignment 6

When reading the case on John y. Beall you start to wonder to yourself if the odds were stacked against him. You notice that a confederate that is being charged in the north might not get the same trial that a union soldier might get. During this time both sides wanted nothing but the worst for eachother. There are some situations where the north probably did just as bad things or maybe in worse in the south. In the end though I strongly believe that the John y. Beall was rightly convicted on the two charges of violating the laws of war, and also being a spy.

When reading the transcripts of the case you start to understand why he was rightly convicted. The evidence is right there in front of you, and unless all the witnesses lied to the jury that’s the only way that it could be false. Even though Beall was injured and couldn’t be a uniformed soldier anymore doesn’t mean that the did not cause damage to the union. He worked as a spy who in the end got caught stealing steam boats from civilians on the great lakes and deserved every charge that was put against him. The reason that I believe these charges is because many of the witnesses were able to recognize him by name and by who he was. The one and first witness Ashley described him right from the beginning placing John on the Island Queen, and the Philo Parsons on the day that they were seized. There is no excuse for him to take especially when multiple people have you in that location and sinking one of the ships after deboarding them.

In the end even though I believe that the accusations against John Y. Beall weren’t necessarily fair for him, (getting a trial in the north while hes a confederate spy). But he was the one who engaged in this illegal activity in the first place. So in the end I strongly believe that John y. Beall deserved every charge and was rightly convicted on violating the laws of war, and being a confederate spy.

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