Assignment 6

The charges against John Beall are: captured the steamboat Philo Parsons, sink Island Quean, acting as a spy near Kelley’s island, acting as a spy at Middle Bass Island, acting as a spy at the Suspension Bridge in New York state guerilla warfare by placing items on a train track trying to destroy a moving train between Dunkirk and Buffalo.  Furthermore, more charges include: acting as a spy near Kelly’s Island in Ohio and near the suspension bridge in New York.  Evidence: testimony for the Steamboat Philp Parsons from a clerk.  The testimony claims there were weapons in the trunk. The clerk then states they were held at gunpoint.  They also stole money.  In questioning they never claimed to be acting on behalf of confederates.  Beall was acting on behalf of the confederate army and that this is war and he should not be punished like a civilian.  Many witnesses at each scene put him there.

I believe John Beall was wrongfully convicted and illegally executed because he was acting as a soldier during the Civil War representing the Confederate Army, his main goal was to free fellow Confederate soldiers that were being imprisoned, and was illegally assassinated due to a political stunt instead of people realizing he was a soldier in war.

I personally believe Beall is innocent because he was acting on behalf of the Confederate Army.  Alone, his crimes committed are horrible.  However, when you are fighting a war you can not abide by the laws of the country you are fighting in.  The only reason he acted was because he needed to free other soldiers in order to help give the Confederate Army an advantage in the war.  I personally believe this was a political stunt in order to punish the Confederate Soldiers fighting in the war.  There are always two sides to a war and when you are acting on behalf of another side you are in a battle.  People are going to die, and laws are going to be broken.  It is not like he was a crazy civilian that was a terrorist against the north.


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