Assignment 6

After reviewing the case of John Yates Beall, I still find him as guilty as the Military Commission did. He was found with seizing & capturing of the steamboat Philp Parsons, along with scuttling the ship after his take over. In the past he was a Confederate States Navy officer who pleaded not guilty to his guerilla actions towards the public to help the confederate cause and captured soldiers. He was also tried on three different accounts of spying near Kellys Island, Middle Bass Island, and Suspension Bridge in NY. Also including his unlawful warfare/destruction of lives and property of peaceable and unoffending inhabitants with train destruction to release captured confederate soldiers.

What brings me to believe Beall was guilty is the amount of witnesses that held valid points of prosecution towards the accused during trial including being identified by a witness in a crowd by NAME. Usually every individual who pleads not guilty will have a back story to try and support their claims, but it seemed the only people to support his claims would be people of his choice which could honestly just defend him because they are on his side. Adding to the picture is a non-regular stop at Sandwich while Beall was aboard the Philo Parsons. Once it made it’s stop to pick up new passengers, the Philo was taken with firearms and axes and later scuttled. In my honest opinion, Beall was too conveniently involved in the broad picture of the incidents that occurred and which he was tried for, including being involved in the Confederate State Navy as an officer.

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