Assignment 5

What I have learned about Andrew F. Davis’s diary since assignment three is he was of Liberty, Union County, Indiana, enlisted in Company I, 15th Regiment, Indiana volunteers on May 14, 1861. Davis was commissioned as a second lieutenant on September 10, 1861 and as a first lieutenant on November 1862. I found these key findings from reading his diary at



    1. The diary of Andrew F. Davis that has all the details of his life as a soldier during the war. A lot of the knowledge I’ve gained thus far has been from reading his diary about his perspective and experiences. I think it’s the perfect resource for my project to really understand who Davis was as a soldier and where he ends up towards the end of it.


    1. Antietam National Battlefield: Letters and Diaries of Soldiers and Civilians. I chose this as one of my sources because I think it’s important to get a general idea of the style of writing soldiers used during this time and get a good sense of common themes within the writings.
    1. This source gives background of the Civil War diary era and why it was a thing and some famous diaries that were found during that time. During my research I not only want to read about Davis’s journey but I’d also like to know the history of journaling your everyday life into a notebook.
    1. This article gives some background of the first diaries that were used during the First World War. I feel as I read through this it already gave me an idea of why soldiers write in their diaries.
    1. I think understanding the life of a soldier will also help me with my project because even though it’s interesting to read about their experience it’s also good to know about the environment and training they went through before going into war. I think that Davis’s diary stuck out to me the most because he used a lot of details regarding his experiences and it was not just broad observations. He cared about what he was saying in his diary.


The life of a soldier during the Civil War was anything but easy. Learning about what Davis did through his diary give a good background of a typical life of a soldier during that time, however, I think it’s also important to be aware of the general environment and conditions of Civil War. Overall I think my project is going to focus on Davis’s diary and what he talks about everyday and compare it to what other sources say the conditions and lifestyle of soldiers. It will be interesting to see the difference, if there are any, based on what sources say they believe soldiers went through compared to a diary written by a soldier himself. I think that I will be able to gain a lot of information out of these sources to help support my final project.


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  1. This is a good topic to write about because, your only ever hear about their efforts in the battles. Soldiers spent plenty of time at camp and traveling so it will be nice to see more about their daily lives.

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