Assignment 5

After taking a closer look into political cartoons during the civil war it became apparent that although these cartoons are very satirical they tackled important topics during the war such as abolitionism, racism, and military battles. Civil War political cartoons offer a look into an important time in the history of the United States that was full of diversity and turmoil.” – Secondary

Another important use of political cartoons is getting the perspective from the people who were actually living through that time. This website lists the political cartoons in chronological order so I will be able to move through time with the political cartoons and observe how they change and how people’s perception of the war changed throughout the war. – Primary

In hindsight, we know that is was a very good thing that the Union won the civil war. However, it is extremely interesting to truly understand each side of the war. The war was an extremely emotional time for this entire country. It truly is heartbreaking to read these accounts of the civil war. This source expressed the emotion that is brought out through these political cartoons. – Primary

The Civil War cost the United States 620,000 American Lives.  Based on today’s population, that would amount to 6 million men. The Civil War marks an extremely emotional time in our history.  Everything from abolitionism to the battles being fought were subjects of political cartoons during that time. Depending on the country’s current attitude, political cartoon perspectives changed throughout the war. The Confederate cartoons, for example, were very optimistic in the beginning, but showed a marked change toward the end. To truly understand the country’s attitude during the war, one can simply follow the political cartoons from the beginning of the war to the end.

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