Assignment 5

Initially for my project I was going to follow Wallace W. Wood who enlisted in the union army in Michigan in 1861 but while researching it further I found he was discharged later that year in Baltimore and there were no further documents for him, but I was able to find documents for the company he served in throughout the war so that is my new focus for the research paper. While doing research for the regiment I found a series of documents and sources following the sixth regiment of heavy artillery from where it was mustered in Kalamazoo to Baltimore and various battles throughout the war. I found in my preliminary research on the regiment that they took part in the battle of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and port Hudson. These were three key battles in the civil war for the Union. I also found that this regiment was in service from 1861 to 1865.


The sixth regiment of heavy artillery was formed in Michigan and deployed to various battles throughout the war. I will follow the regiment throughout its actions in the war and the commanders they were under.


  1. Descriptive rolls of Michigan Civil War units , 1861-1865.

This is a primary source that details the regiments formed in Michigan and where they were deployed and in what battles they served. This source also will help me to better follow the regiment I am focusing on and what I can look for to help follow them battles like a map.

  1. Regimental service records of the Michigan Adjutant General, 1861-1865.

This primary source gives a detailed record of Michigan regiments and where they served as well as casualties sustained. This will help me to see if this regiment took to many casualties that they were merged with another to make up for it.

  1. Records relating to Michigan Civil War service records and bounty payments, ca. 1919-1921.

This primary source will give me a list of those who served in the regiment including commanders. This can help me to pinpoint their locations throughout the war and on battle maps.

  1. The Battle of Baton Rouge, 1862 / by William A. Spedale.

This secondary source details the battle of Baton Rouge, a battle the sixth regiment took part in. it will help me to gain information on the actions of the regiment and how they did in the battle.

  1. The Battle of New Orleans in history and memory / edited by Laura Lyons McLemore.

This secondary source details the battle of New Orleans another major battle the sixth regiment took part in.

  1. In camp and battle with the Washington Artillery of New Orleans : a narrative of events during the late Civil War from Bull Run to Appomattox and Spanish Fort / by Wm. Miller Owen.

This primary source gives details on the final battle I know the sixth regiment took part in, the Spanish Fort.

  1. Company K’s muster roll, dated October 27,1863, lists the names and ranks of its members, as well as where and when they were wounded, died or were discharged.

This primary source details the initial mustering of the regiment as well as those who were discharged for various reasons which can help me to narrow regions they were deployed and in what battles they fought in.


this is a series of sources put together of union records detailing every battle and regiment that volunteered and served in the war.


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  1. During this time of learning about the Civil War, I’ve been fascinated by the organization of the Union army. I previously only thought about the war happening in the south and never really paid attention to the northern states even though they were obviously fighting in the war. I’m curious to learn more about the logistics necessary to move a regiment from Michigan all the way down to Baton Rouge.

  2. This will be interesting to see unfold, because in my many of the letters I read the soldiers are complaining about the amount of marching they do each day.

  3. I believe your new subject will provide you with much more information and potential for research. It will be interesting to learn about a regiment that is native to Michigan.

  4. That’s pretty inconvenient that your original topic source was discharged but great that it did lead you to discovering your new topic which seems to be quite promising. I feel like these battles could lead in a lot of directions with a lot of quality information to discover to base your final project on.

  5. I am very interested to see your findings from your Thesis on the Michigan regiment. I am very interested to see read where this regiment went and how they were used in the civil war. I am also very intrigued by the amount of data you got on this particular regiment.

  6. I think its really great that you have decided to choose something close to our home. Excited to see how this research unfolds. I like this new idea.

  7. I think this’ll be a really interesting topic to study. I’m doing sort of a similar thing for mine, where I’ll follow the letters and diary of a Michigan soldier. After his letters, though, there aren’t many documents about him, so I’ll be following the documents of the regiment that he fought with. It seems like you got a lot of quality information about this regiment, too.

  8. That is a really good idea originally of tracking one soldier through war. Even though that tracking your one person didn’t work out I like how you transitioned to the unit overall. I believe not limiting your tracking to one person will give you a much fuller picture. Also, it would be interesting to know if your soldiers that your tracked that were KIA ever had the honor to be brought home to their families.

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