assignment 5

After looking more into the article from the Daily Picayune titled “ War of Extermination” I was able to find out more about the press itself as well as the article. The Daily Picayune was well read in the State of Louisiana and was also known in other southern states, especially during the Mexican war through Reconstruction. Another key finding I found was the impact the Daily Picayune had as well as all journalism during the Civil War. With the new technologies coming out due to the war and the journalism adding in illustrations. The press started to expand and become valuable to american citizens to stay up to date on the war. .Civil War Journalism by Ford Risley is a secondary source that I have examined. In his book he looks at both the North and the South journalism throughout the entirety of the war. More importantly he examines the impact the journalism had in the war which directly relates to my topic. Another Source I will be looking at is he Daily Picayune published in New Orleans Louisiana. The title of the article is titled A war of extermination. This is a primary source looks at the abolitionist republicans ( the union) are forcing a war upon them even though they have not broken any rules. The publisher feels that the south is in their right to continue doing and living their lives. What we need to know is what the community who reads this feels as well as how this article helped recruit or increased Confederate pride at the start of the war. Another Source I will be using to examine the media during the civil war is “The Battle Cry of Freedom” by James Mcpherson. This book will give me information and insight on the start of the war to help create a narrative of what America was like before and during the start of the Civil War.


The Civil war saw many changes in American Society including technology, however. The media and the press impacted the American citizens throughout the campaign. The Daily Picayune impacted its community by creating southern pride and increased the confederate pride at the start of the war which had an impact on the Civil War.

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  1. I’m interested to see what you do with the differences in publications between the north and south during the war, because i never looked into their differences.

  2. It will be intriguing to see the topics you delve into deeper. I can sense slight differences in motivations and identities whilst reading many of the civil war letters and diaries.

  3. Media has such a strong impact on the view that people have. Exploring these publications will give you an insight into the political and social values of each side of the war.

  4. I can agree heavily with what you chose to write about, because not only was the media politically involved in the aspects of the civil war but they were also brought up in my own topic on surgical procedures and how they made it seem far more useless and barbaric than it really is. Media and publicity on any topic can have a large impact and seems like this could be a good topic being it’s involved in almost every aspect, even during the Civil War.

  5. This is a really interesting topic. Im excited to see what you uncover. Its very fascinating to think that news was not spread over the internet like it is now. Keep up the good research.

  6. Being a journalism major myself, I’m interested to see just what kind of role journalism played during the Civil War. Different newspapers from different regions would publish their own opinions, which probably swayed the thoughts of many American citizens. Good luck!

  7. I really like how you are focusing on a Southern publication for the main chunk of your research. I think that this is a view that most choose to overlook based on where they are from. I know that I personally have never really highly considered the Southern point of view on these matters because I was taught they were “wrong”. The press and media influence us a lot in today’s world, so I am excited to see where research of this time period takes you in that regard.

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