Assignment 4

For this assignment I could not find volume ten but I found volume ten part 2 and followed three commanders, Colonel Taylor 5th cavalry Ohio, Capt. Emil Munch of a Minnesota battery, and Capt. Stone of another battery, mentioned in a series of orders written by J.H. Hammond Assistant Adjunct General. It looked like General Sherman gave the actual orders for each of the three individual commanders. I also found a map depicting the battle of Shiloh and I found each of the three commanders on it. (,0.075,1.181,0.722,0) The map I used is in the link above, the map takes a weird angle when depicting the battle, it has Pittsburg landing at its center with the Tennessee river at the bottom of the map and the area the battle took place is the main focus of the map, but it does a good job in detailing the positions of units and the advance of the Confederates. Each of the three commanders that I followed in the battle had positions on the front line on the first day of the battle. Captain Stone and his battery was located at the southern end of the map along the Lick Creek, Colonel Taylor and his 5th cavalry of Ohio was located just north of Shiloh church next to Sherman’s head guns, and Captain Emil Munch and his Minnesota battery were located east of Shiloh church on the road headed to Purdy supporting the main line during the first Confederate attack. Following the lines on the map I found that all three were merged together with other units and took positions at each of the lines the Union army fell back to. I wanted to see if I could find any other dispatches, orders, or reports from these commanders so I searched in the text for their names and regiments but only found the record of them in the initial order I mentioned at the beginning of the report.

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