Assignment 4

For this assignment I wanted to focus my attention on general Braxton Bragg, a senior officer of the Confederate army. He was a commander under Johnson during the Battle of Shiloh. He is best known for his troops attacking the hornets’ nest for countless hours as the confederate troops surround union soldiers.  According to the map constructed by Sneden, Robert Knox, 1832-1918, Braggs troops pushed forward slightly west of Corinth Rd. In a second map, General Bruells map, we see that Briggs troops were pushed over slightly farther north west past Corinth Rd. At this point in the map the troops were most likely beginning to surround union troops at the hornets’ nest.

The information provided in The War of Rebellion was rather inconclusive as to the roll each person played on the battlefield. The information really only tells us who was there, but not their troops movement throughout the fight. The hardest part of tracking the troops on the battle maps is you can only get an idea of where each set of troops are at set moments in time. As I watched the animated map video I noticed how often the battles shifted direction, forward and backwards for hours or days. It would be nearly impossible to track an individual soldier for every given step. Each new map I look at gives the viewer a snapshot of the battle at a given moment. The more snapshot we observe and document, the better the fluidity of the battle can be observed. The start and the end of the battle are the easiest parts to document, It’s the little movements all battle long that disappeared as soldiers are no longer around to recount their steps.

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  1. I had similar issues in the report that I read, in that the location and the route in which they traveled were not the main focus. Instead the focus was more oriented around the absolute calamity of the war, and the undernourishment of the soldiers. I don’t see why they couldn’t take better notes. Canon ball, shmanon ball, right?

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