Assignment 3

Growing up and living in Chicago, you get accustomed to art that is scattered throughout the city. All of the works of art are interesting and impressive but I never take time to look into the meaning behind each individual piece. While I was looking for which historical object I wanted to research for the project, I came across as sculpture that was very familiar. A massive bronze structure of a man riding a horse mounted on a granite base atop a large grassy hill. I knew I had seen this masterpiece before. After more searching, I finally found out that I was right all along because this is the John Alexander Logan Monument located in Grant Park which is a few blocks south of Chicago’s famous Millenium Park. I want to look into Logan’s life, not only in regards to the Civil War but how his life in Chicago led him to make the decision to drop what he had to fight for the Union. I will use many sources that give information on the sculpture here in Chicago as well as Logan’s life and achievements before and during the war.

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  1. This is an excellent idea. The primary problem will be scope. He is a larger than life figure who touches our era from the Mexican-American War through Reconstruction. It may help to focus on one aspect of his life or one event that resonates most loudly.

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