Assignment 3

For my project I chose Civil War solider, Andrew F. Davis, diary from 1861-1862.

I had read several diaries from other solider’s and they all had similar topics they discussed. For example, they would talk about the weather, if they had supper or didn’t, if they were attacked and their location and who they were with. Though some of the diary entries I read were vague, Davis’s diary was filled with details and felt like I could picture his surroundings and what he felt. As a features reporter and journalist all together, I enjoy reading about personal experiences and how to image a story in another person’s shoes. It was only natural I’d be drawn to diary entries during the Civil War to read the perspective from the solider’s.

After reading a few pages into Davis diary I think he was apart of the Liberty Union County Indiana and had enlisted as a volunteer. He talks about how his travels and what he’s thinking about during the process of whatever he’s doing, whether it’s eating, hiding from the enemy, or just talking with scouts. I need to learn more and read through his whole diary to really understand what it was he went through as a solider and serving during the Civil War.

My main focus is the style of how Davis wrote as time went on through his journey and the time and place he was during the war. What were common things talked about and the slang that was used during the time. I’d also like to find out when and where he passed away.


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