Assignment 2

  1. Region of the US
    1. During slavery I feel as though there was a lot of it down south in rural areas. Mostly plantations and farms in the south region of the US.
  2. Place slaves lived and worked
    1. Slaves lived in shacks and outside of the houses they worked for or owned by. They worked in the fields, housekeeping, and had very unhealthy working environments and living situations.
  3. Type of labor slave’s performance
    1. Hot summer days and had little to no breaks and it was in the fields or working on farms. I’m not for sure on everything that they did but I believe it was a lot of outside labor and working every day and all hours of the day.
  4. Work conditions or rhythms
    1. I feel like the work conditions were awful and they had no breaks or time to do anything until late at night. They also had be respectful even when they were being treated poorly.
  5. Food, clothes, shelter
    1. I feel as though the food they had was very little that was given to them by there master and their clothes they made for themselves and shelter was shacks they would build for themselves outside.
  6. Family life
    1. I think family was everything for slaves, that’s what kept them going through the hard times I think. I feel that they all protected one another and made sure to stick together.
  7. Education or training
    1. I think it was frowned upon to have a slave be educated. It’s not that they weren’t capable of learning, they weren’t allowed to and didn’t have the same resources or privileges as their master’s.
  8. Religion
    1. I think that religion was very important and they also sang hymns as they worked and prayed every day.
  9. Freedoms, liberties, rights
    1. Slaves didn’t have any freedoms, liberties, or rights. It was a brutal life that slaves had to live and they were stripped of their human rights by the stigma American’s put in the culture during the times of slavery.
  10. Slave views of whites
    1. I think they were frustrated and confused by the circumstances and others may have just believed that was their way of life. I think it was hard to understand why they were treated with so much hatred by white people.
  11. Slaves’ views of slavery and freedom
    1. I think that some of them didn’t think it was possible while others had hope. I think that the culture of slavery was so deep that there were mixed feels towards slavery and freedom for slaves.


  1. The source of your understanding of slavery
    1. My previous history on slavery was high school and just learning throughout history classes and documentaries. I don’t know a lot I just feel like I have a general understanding of slavery and what it means and was.

3 Replies to “Assignment 2”

  1. I recommend showing how your views have changed based on the account of Henry Bibb. Also going through secondary sources of interviews conducted on former slaves to figure out how the two sources relate.

  2. I was surprised slaves weren’t educated at all. I thought they would have learned to read and write at the very least simply to help them with their work throughout the day. This makes me wonder how complex the operations were in terms of handling slaves and producing goods to make the most money. I would be very interested to learn about the organization of slave owners especially because the goods slaves produced were a huge part of our country’s economy.

  3. Their view towards whites was for the most part very hostile. In the case of John Cameron he actually adored his master, and felt that he was living the good life. It was really gut-wrenching to read, considering this enslaved man had no concept of what freedom was. If you have seen the movie Get Out, it reminded me of gardener character. Very eerie.

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