Assignment #2


  1. Region of the U.S.
    1. Slavery occured in the southern states where farming was extremely prevalent and plantation owners needed help running such a big plantation.
    2. Bibb- Slavery occured in the south. He tried escaping with his family but was unsuccessful in Kentucky and it was even harder to do when he moved down to Louisiana.
    3. Fields- Slave in Owensburg Kentucky
  2. Place slaves lived and worked
    1. They lived usually on the property of their owner but not in the same house. Usually a some kind of shack right outside the house.
    2. Bibb- Usually did not have a bed to sleep on. He moved around a lot and did not live in one place very long.
    3. Fields- Also did not have a bed to sleep on. Described that he lived under poor conditions.
  3. Type of labor slaves performed
    1. Men did the physical labors in the fields such as picking cotton. Women did more inside work such as helping clean the home and cater to their owner’s needs inside the home.
    2. Bibb- Did not just work for one plantation owner but was hired out to work for several people.
    3. Fields- Described his labor as hard.
  4. Work conditions or rhythms
    1. Work conditions were sweltering hot and very hard heavy labor.
    2. Bibb- When he was on his owners plantation he actually worked in the house a lot.
    3. Fields- Worked from 4am to nightfall. Pretty much worked throughout all daylight everyday.
  5. Food, clothing, shelter
    1. The slaves got enough to eat because the owners knew they needed to keep them strong enough to work for them but it was just enough to sustain them and nothing more. They got little clothing and their shelter was usually some kind of shack that was just enough to shelter them at night but had absolutely not luxuries in it.
    2. Bibb- Never had enough to eat. His sleeping quarters were dirty and he slept on the floor. He had very little clothing, just enough to cover himself.
    3. Fields- “meager” meals and lived in “poor quarters”
  6. Family life
    1. Slaves were still able to have families but when the children were born the owner decided what to do with them. They either kept them and worked them as soon as they were able to work or they sold them.
    2. Bibb- Did not have a legitimate marriage because it was not legally binding. However he considered himself married and he had a child.
    3. Fields- Has 11 siblings and they were all split up by the age of 6.
  7. Education or training
    1. No education. The owners did not want them to read, they wanted the slaves to be dependent on them. Their training was just how to do their work.
    2. Bibb- had little education until he was free.
    3. Fields- Tried to educated themselves but got in trouble if they got caught.
  8. Religion
    1. Most slaves were Christians because that is what their owners taught them to be. They did not want them to keep any of the same beliefs that their relatives had in Africa.
    2. Bibb- had no religious rights
    3. Fields- did not mention his religious beliefs
  9. Freedoms, liberties, rights
    1. Slaves had very little freedom. They may be able to socialize with the other slaves when they were done with their work but they didn’t get to leave the plantation unless it was with their owner.
    2. Bibb- His slave family was not recognized by law. They also had no religious rights.
    3. Fields- Had virtually no freedom.
  10. Slave view of whites
    1. They did not particularly like white people since they were trapped by them. Some slave owners did treat their slaves nicely and in those cases they may have liked them.
    2. Bibb- Did not trust them. He called them “tyrants”
    3. Fields- Liked his his new master at the beginning but her and her husband ended up being mean later on.
  11. Slaves’ view of slavery and freedom
    1. To slaves not having freedom was their life. However they obviously wanted freedom because slaves tried to run away all the time.
    2. Bibb- Wanted to be free and fought for his freedom. Ran away several times and got recaptured several times
    3. Fields- Many slaves wanted to run but didn’t know what to do once they did make it to the North.
  12. The source of my understanding of slavery
    1. My understanding of slavery mostly comes from grade school. In 8th grade, we watched the entire Roots series. When I am imagining slavery I usually think of this show.

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