Description: HST 304 focuses on the conflict between the North and South from the 1840s to the end of Reconstruction. Subtopics include: slavery; evolving sectional conflict; secession; military campaigns; Emancipation; social, economic, and constitutional and political aspects of the war; race, class, and ethnicity and their effects on reform movements and Reconstruction.

Student Learning Objectives: HST 304 offers students the opportunity to learn and analyze the momentous events, themes, and movements of the Civil War period. The course is designed to combine traditional lecture, reading, and writing with active learning, including primary source research and digital history. Students are expected to become intermediate practitioners of key skills that are the foundation of the discipline of History—including subject knowledge, primary source research, critical analysis, and communication (written, oral, digital). The latter three are skills that are applicable across academic fields and careers.

Course Structure:  The course is broken into 7 interlinked units that correspond to the 7 weeks of the summer session.  While you can work ahead (never get behind), you are encouraged to stay on schedule with your fellow students.  If you have any questions about the schedule, units or assignments, contact your instructors.

Note on Course Design: I (Dean Rehberger) originally designed and team taught the course with Tom Summerhill.  He is off this summer finishing a book on the American Civil War; however, you will be seeing him in the videos.    Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns.

Confederates firing on Fort Sumter
Confederates firing on Fort Sumter, 1861